Tide Tables

Forecasts on the Sacramento River are based on flows of 15 thousand CFS. Variations in the Stage and time may occur with different flows or strong winds. Updated Sacramento River Forecasts based on actual conditions are broadcast daily on Sacramento NOAA Weather Radio, KEC-57, 162.55 MHZ. Gage Datum is -3.0 feet NGVD at this site.

NOT FOR NAVIGATION. This information is furnished in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. Do not use this information as a basis for any decisions that could result in harm to people, other organisms, or property. Check these predictions against officially sanctioned tables. Agencies like NOAA exist because there is a need for certifiably correct tide predictions. Do not rely on these predictions if you need guaranteed results. There is NO WAY we can get certified data on a zero budget. We rely on users like you to tell us when something is wrong. Please continue to do so.

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2023 Port tide tables

All times are in Military Time using a 24 hour clock.  All forecasts are in Pacific Standard Time - add one hour during Daylight Savings Time.